My Design

This dress is inspired by the fashion history that I studied on last weekend which is the 1950s trend that focusing on high waist and thin waist.
My design is a simple whole black dress that with cape on as upper body and alongside a pencil shape skirt (lower body)
With the cape that I drawn on the right side is also a whole black cape using cotton with gold zipper on.
Quite a simple but mordern with some “coming back” concept.


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Coco Chanel Tweed Jacket – That’s Classic!

To me what is classic is fashion!

Now what have been on the trend for over a half century – Coco Chanel’s suit and especially her tweed jacket!


This is a link online that talks about her masterpieces but I want to focus on her jacket.


Tweed jackets from the Chanel autumn/winter 2008 collection

And I read some books about her life,brands,works…
Here is my conclusion, it born in the 1920s and at that time Chanel was in relationship with a really wealthy man.
She got into his wardrobe then changed his suit into womenswear with different sewing technique to make women easy  to move and put gold button to make it more gorgeous.
Now I’m going to analyse this work.
Firstly, I’m going to talk about its scale, it’s nethier oversize nor bodysize. And the importance for this is it’s really good for movement, if we changed it to bigger or thinner scale it would make people difficult to move. And the good point for its size is it makes women in  nice proportion.
Secondly,turning to shape it has no collar and the neckline was left to be free to be comfortable.And if we take the picture below for example, the fabric has its own pattern on,moreover because it’s woven it has rhythem and it’s kind of repeat
Thirdly, it looks rough because of tweed (its material) but actully it’s soft letting women get rid of the traditional ideal of jacket’s fabric making women feel more comfortable to wear the jacket.And I think owing to this quality of fabric it breaks the rule of being a ‘well behaved’ women or royal characteristic but makes it more unique and beautiful. However, if I were her I wouldn’t have that that guts ro choose this kid of material that others didn’t use before and wouldn’t leave such an influencial thing to the world.
At that time women are expect to be elegant and really ‘lady’ like while Chanel totally broke this rule and I think that’s what makes her that important in the 20th century’s fashion history.She changed the design of the ‘classic’ jacket,without lots of darts,shoulder pads,and curved cuttings;it’s lighter though to me it looks quite heavy with straight grain to make some ‘freedom’ for women!(Yahoo!!!)And the seams is almost invisible to creat a real feeling of luxury.So does it has ‘real’ pocket that can put things in.
It’s hand made at that time and takes three days to make five meters of this kid of tweed fabric(being woven).
Finally, as for colour because it has been made for ages so I’m not really sure what’s the original colour that have been used but these days more and more colour and shape and concepts are added into the ‘tweed jacket’ so there r some pictures that I have taken from books and internet.
Last three pictures r books that I read n took photogragh from.

‘A Chanel suit is made for a woman who moves.’

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