Presentation on 27.FEB.12

My Self Direct Project is “Urban Ancient”

First u may think what is that n why is that, it’s because I’m a “mordern” girl( I hope I can say it ) live in city but actually love “classic” things n with a old woman mind.

So I’m going to study “Fashion History” probably about brands ,trends ,designers , celebraties…etc.

Then come up with my new ideas that related to the history n in fact in my opinion fashion just keeps looking back  adding up new and/or better concept.

Yesterday I went to Brighton Museum to check out “Fashion and Style” area although its not really big place but I spent an hour just taking pictures without appreciating them.

There r four sections the first one is about George IV who loved fashion a lot spent fortune on his outfit but then had so many debts that was forced to marry someone.

The second one is Internationalism it’s because of the Silk Route(Turkey-Iran-India-China-Japan)

These photos r what I mention this morning about Brighton Museum.

And after the museum I went to Library to do some research

Because there r lots of books about fashion history so I decided to pick one book to read the concept of the trends and I cut it half from the 1900s-1940s to the 1950s-1980s.

The 1950s is more about high waist look ,everything is really tight around the waist.Moreover, in the early dacade pop art is really famous its about American things.Then the mid 1950s Rock’n’Roll to the late 1950s Mailyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn.

The 1960s kid of changed.Coats and dresses are straight cutted and the brave of using colour is the symbol of the 60s as well.


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