Alexa Chung in Chanel Tweed Jacket

As the previous post that I plug in Alexa Chung is really an icon that represent London style.

In this picture(search on Google Image),the jacket that she’s wearing is whole black but because of the material(tweed),it makes it alive and won’t feel bored.

Although the shape is really simple it makes her in a nice proportion.



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My Design

This dress is inspired by the fashion history that I studied on last weekend which is the 1950s trend that focusing on high waist and thin waist.
My design is a simple whole black dress that with cape on as upper body and alongside a pencil shape skirt (lower body)
With the cape that I drawn on the right side is also a whole black cape using cotton with gold zipper on.
Quite a simple but mordern with some “coming back” concept.

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