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Presentation on 05.March.2012

This week my aim is to finish the fashion history from the 1970s to 1980s and read another fashion history book to compare/conclude the main idea of it.

Firstly, in the 1970s dresses became more like drapping style

This dress is a really good representitive for that period as its drapping shape with “puff sleeves”

This’s a example, Laura Ashley designed “Edwardina-Style Dresses”

But at the same time some women were wearing these kind of dress while others just shorten their mini-skirt and “hotpants” just born (but just for people who were slim and young enough)

Moreover in the early 1970s flared jeans were really popular especially faded one.

Furthermore,Punk,a grope of unemployed young people showed up in the U.K. in 1976.They aimed to shock people and be the opposed way of the beauty at that time.Students were enjoying it because it didn’t cost lots of money.

Malcolm McLaren and Vivienne Westwood were influences at the moment.

And “Unisex” clothes were really popular as well.

However,those book I photocopied and borrowed didn’t really say lots of things about the 80s.

So I turn to 2012 Spring/Summer London Fashion Week.

There are some main concepts in this season.

Midriff-which means area from under-brass to upper belly button is naked.

Game-on-which is because of the Olympic 2012

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